September 16-22, 2024

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The IAA TRANSPORTATION 2024, the leading international platform for logistics and transport and the most important global forum for the most important topics of the future in the industry, is devoted to the main topics of infrastructure and charging infrastructure for transport and commercial vehicles.

Passenger transport and freight transport are important areas in providing public services and meeting basic needs of human society. As the major constituents of mobility, they connect and serve people in various environments – from urban areas to rural communities.
The latest drive technologies require restructuring of infrastructure, in particular charging infrastructure. This calls for intelligent solutions and holistic approaches that leave room for intermodal transport as part of the transport mix.

The challenges

Achieving the 2030/2050 climate goals
Achieving the goals targets 2030/2050 worldwide: Creating a climate-friendly, innovative transport system


New and innovative technologies
To achieve these goals, new and innovative technologies are being developed, such as new types of propulsion: electric propulsion, hydrogen and e-fuels.