GAIKINDO Indonesia
International Auto Show

July 19-28, 2024

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The World-Class Auto Show Series, GIIAS returns in July 2024

This year’s GIIAS is special for GAIKINDO, since it is the 31st holding of GAIKINDO’s automotive exhibition since it was first initiated in 1986, and is a milestone for GAIKINDO because, through all of these exhibitions, GAIKINDO has showcased Indonesian automotive industry’s achievements, to the world. And GAIKINDO will continue to present the future of the automotive industry through GIIAS.

GIIAS is a comprehensive exhibition that highlights innovations, covering passenger cars, commercial vehicles, carrosseries, motorcycles, and supporting industry brands.

Since 2015, GIIAS has become the home of 11 world premieres, 10 Asian Premieres, showcasing more than 65 concept vehicles, and hosting more than 300 launches. Participated by more than 50 brands, 20+ motorcycle brands, and 350+ supporting industry brands.


GIIAS has always been the public destination to find out the latest technology that the automotive industry has to offer, and GIIAS 2024 will involve users in experiencing new technology, getting their first experience of seeing, touching, and trying out various vehicles of the future.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a revolution, and the presence of inspiring innovation is critical. The presence of GIIAS is a collaborative effort to create understanding and at the same time educate the public about the latest technology, and the future of sustainable motorized vehicles, to realize the transformation of the connected, electric-powered, and autonomous mobility ecosystem, thereby providing safer, environmentally friendly and efficient transportation for all.